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There should be more Dream

 LeoLulu or Daft Punk out there.

We help them reveal and thrive.

M A S K O N is a safe place for faceless creators.

A community + springboard for people with a talent or rare knowledge.

Who have decided to make their art or opinion known to the world.

Without sacrificing their privacy.

And to use this concept of anonymization to their advantage.

  There are flowers everywhere, for those who want to see them  

We at M A S K O N believe that thousands of talents are hidden in the drawers of this world.

... A soccer fan who knows the strong foot of every English League 2 player?
... A chamber artist with a singular voice who doesn't dare to post on TikTok?
... A crypto enthusiast who has been around for 10 years and advises his friends in private?

M A S K O N seeks to connect with them, in order to refine with them their artistic concept, 

magnify their strategy of influence, and finally help them to be known massively, without ever revealing their real identity.

  ... And every flower needs its own fertile soil  

We at M A S K O N have been working in the world of (social) media, entertainment and web marketing for almost 7 years.

Influencing techniques, storytelling, personal branding, content creation, algorithmic optimization, business models, monetization opportunities...

That's our job.

We know the latest methods, and will stay on top of them, to ensure your success.

Join us to focus on your art, while we take care of the rest.

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